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Susan Casey author speaker


Susan brings the world of invention and American history alive during lively interactive presentations at schools, libraries, conferences, and adult organizations and clubs!
Kids Inventing Workshop!

A hands-on, STEM-based workshop in which kids create a model of an invention idea, learn about patents and trademarks and  more.

Women Invent!

If you use a dishwasher or live in a solar-heated house, thank a woman inventor.  Susan shares stories of  America's  women inventors.

Women Heroes of the American Revolution 

 Susan shares the stories of women who were soldiers, spies, publishers, poets, rescuers, and more during the  American Revolution .

Susan speaks to students about inventors.

Spectrum News Susan Casey author speaker
Susan Casey author speaker

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Workshops for young inventors as part of ITEX: International (International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition.)

Susan Casey author speaker
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Susan on TV!

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