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Researching non-fiction is endlessly fascinating and prompted me while I was writing Kids Inventing! Women Invent!  and Women Heroes of the American Revolution.  More books to come.  Hope you enjoy these.
- Susan Casey

Kids Invent cover Susan Casey author speaker
Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors

ISBN-13- 978-0471660866

Have you ever seen inventors on TV or in the newspaper and thought, "That could be me!" Well, it certainly could―and this book shows you how. Kids Inventing! gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for turning your ideas into realities for fun, competition, and even profit. 

From finding an idea and creating a working model to patenting, manufacturing, and selling your invention, you get expert guidance in all the different stages of inventing. You'll see how to keep an inventor's log, present your ideas, and work as part of a team or with a mentor. You'll meet inspiring kids just like you who designed their own award-winning inventions. And you'll see how to prepare for the various state and national invention contests held each year, as well as international competitions and science fairs.

"Students can be great inventors because life is newer to them and they take less for granted. Awareness is the first step to discovery. What a wonderful little book for showing children other children as inventors... and they can learn how to become one themselves!"
--NSTA Recommends

Women Invent! Cover Susan Casey author speaker
Women Invent!


These inspiring stories of women inventors take the reader through the process of inventing—from coming up with an idea to having it manufactured and sold.

"The inspiring stories of female inventors in this book take readers on a . . . journey through the process of inventing." -- Learning

Notable Book -- Chicago Tribune

women heros of the american revolution cover Susan Casey author speaker
Women Heros of the American Revolution


Every schoolchild knows about Paul Revere’s 20-mile ride to warn that the British were coming. Far fewer know that 16-year-old Sybil Ludington rode twice as far to help her father, Colonel Ludington, muster his scattered troops to fight a marauding enemy. Few know about Martha Bratton, who blew up a supply of gunpowder to keep it from approaching British troops and boldly claimed, “It was I who did it!” Susan Casey gives Ludington, Bratton, and 18 other remarkable girls and women of the Revolution the spotlight they deserve in this lively collection of biographical profiles. Drawing on interviews with historians and descendants as well as primary source material, this is an invaluable resource for any student’s or history buff’s bookshelf.

"A fine, useful resource for students of American history." --BOOKLIST

"This well-researched book sheds light on lesser-known women of this period and is an excellent way to incorporate diversity into the curriculum." --School Library Journal

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